State of the Georgia Hutchinson Bell


First, thank you for being a member of the Hutchinson Bell. Your support is appreciated and makes it possible for our origanization to exist and make an impact.

Who we are

Together we are the friends and alumni organization of Florida College. The Hutchinson Bell was established to raise money for scholarships, host summer camps, plan social events, and introduce people to Florida College. We work to carry out those functions in Georgia through the Georgia Hutchinson Bell.

How we are organized


The organization is run by our officers who manage the yearly planning, finances, federal and state tax requirements, and committee selection.

Here is our current team:

  • Director of Tacos: Vanessa Cox
  • Vice - President: Braunice Jamieson
  • Treasurer: Shannon Bass
  • Secretary: Jeannie Balentine
  • Brand Ambassador:


Our committees carry out the work of our organization. They plan and run our social events, fundraising events, and scholarship program. If you are interested in joining a committee and playing a more active role in our chapter send us an email at We would love to discuss ways you can get involved!

  • Camp: Jason & Jennifer McIlvain
  • Ladies Tea: Allison Turner
  • High School Banquet: Kelly Johnson & Heather Hamlett
  • Elections

    Per the bylaws- officers are elected annually. If you are interested in serving as an officer or would like to nominate someone please email us at by Friday, April 3rd. We will set a date for elections to be held.


    • High School Banquet
    • Florida College Georgia Camp - May 29th - June 4th
    • Lockin
    • Golf Scramble - October 14
    • Chilli Cook Off
    • Ladies Spring Tea

    Falcon Days

Hutchinson Bell, Inc.

The Hutchinson Bell is our parent organization. They offer guidance to local chapters, provide tax-exempt status, and manage the membership process through

Also, membership dues and donations to the Hutchinson Bell are being deposited into a bank account completely controlled by the Hutchinson Bell, Inc. This has led to better accounting processes and increased financial transparency for our organization as a whole.

Matt Turner serves on the Hutchinson Bell board and is our representative in Georgia.

Contact Us

Do you have questions, comments, or want to get more involved?

Email us at

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